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Baghdad ER



Baghdad ER (Line Producer) Military Medicine as seen through the experiences of doctors and soldiers in Iraq.  HBO. Emmy Winner, Peabody Winner, DuPont-Columbia Winner. 


Directed by Jon Alpert and Matt O’Neill. 2006

"'Baghdad ER' is an unusually commendable film not because it tries to argue that war is madness — a generic idea — but because its perspective forces the viewer to focus on the clinical facts..." "Should be required viewing for all Americans except the very young."

-The New York Times


"As powerful as anything apt to be shown on television this or any other year, this HBO documentary provides a grisly, grueling portrait of life at the 86th Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad -- capturing unflinching images that should spur serious debate about what it truly means to support the troops."




"For its painfully honest documentation of the day-to-day hardship, humanity, heroism and sacrifice of U.S. military and medical personnel 'Baghdad ER' is awarded a Peabody."


For excellence in broadcast documentary.

Emmy winner for Direction, Cinematography, Sound Editing and Merit. 2006

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