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Ep. 1 Sean Patrick Monahan and Charles Busch.

Welcome to the Yippie Ki-Ay! Do Cinema podcast. About every other week this series interviews an established artist and someone whose just had their first big break, we talk to one, then the other, and then sit everybody down together and see what happens across the generations. Between each act we'll feature a piece of music either by a new artist or the one we're chilling with.

In this premiere episode of the Yippie Ki-Ay! Do Cinema podcast Taylor Purdee and John Donchak hang out in the village with downtown theatre legend Charles Busch and his up-and-coming protégé playwright/performer Sean Patrick Monahan.

There's camp theatre, great ladies, old movies, a run in with Angela Lansbury and more than a few Divas. And Charles gets into why many of today's biggest stars probably couldn't have cut it in golden age Hollywood, and Emma Watson's "Beauty and the Beast" songs are just a product of the era of Digital Cinema Projection. So come on, it'll make ya remember the good ol' days.

The Yippie Ki-Ay is made possible by the support of viewers like you.

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