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Karmic Release, Ltd.

In business for over 20 years, Karmic Release primarily produced documentary films, from development through distribution. But in addition to our award winning productions, we also consult with writers, producers, and directors on their own written and video material or pitches.


Recently, we've expanded into production of television pilots, feature films, PSA's, podcasts, commercials, sizzle reels, branded content, and webseries. Creating content for museum installations, business presentations. Websites for the Military, corporations, small businesses and NGO's. 




Working with budgets of all sizes, from small business dollars to Studio budgets of $25M+, has insured our projects are diverse and interesting. 


Karmic Release is an group of multi-disciplinary artists and technichians who have been making films anywhere from 5 to 35 years, bringing you the widest range of experience and innovation possible. With the versatility to function as a full ensemble team, or as single contractors, the Karmic Release group is the perfect fit for any business model.


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