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Our Heroes, Ourselves


Our Heroes, Ourselves (Supervising Producer) Grass root efforts of everyday heroes are seen in this portrait of an environmental activist, a Promotora for health, a woman working with girl gangs, and a young woman’s personal experience with foster care.  Host Marlo Thomas. Lifetime Television. Winner Cine Golden Eagle Award. 


Directed by Ilana Trachtman. 2002

"Ordinary women who have blasted through extraordinary obstacles are at the core of Lifetime Television's third annual Our Lifetime Commitment: Be Your Own Hero campaign.

The programming block, produced in partnership with the Ms.Foundation for Women, includes Intimate Portrait episodes on Sherry Lansing, the trailblazing Paramount Pictures executive; and former Democratic vice presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Geraldine Ferraro.Those are the headliners, but the campaign seeks to convey that one doesn't have to head a corporation to be a hero in one's own life...a heroic film." -Mulitchannel News

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