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Widely cosidered a milestone in independent and documentary cinema, Jonathn Caouette's "Tarnation" is the terrifyingly intimate exploration of one man's memory. Pieced together over the course of Caouette's life, from his first super 8 shots at the age of five, to the final, Gus Van Sant funded moments of the film. Called by Sundance the work that "welcomed [documentary film] to the digital age!" Tarnation is an integral touchstone in the fabric of personal and independent filmmaking in the 21st century. (Producing Consultant)


Directed by Jonathan Caouette. 2004.

"Direct...emotional...Looking at 'Tarnation,'I wonder if the movie represents a new kind of documentary that is coming into being...with its harrowing portrait of sexual abuse and its behind-the-scenes footage of a family discussing its legal options, [it] would have been impossible before the introduction of consumer video cameras. Jonathan Caouette...says what he needs to say more eloquently than any actor could portray it or any writer could describe it. Four Stars." -Roger Ebert




"Jonathan Caouette's"Tarnation" is a hard film to classify. It is obviously a documentary, but it also demands to be described in terms not ordinarily applied to movies - as a memoir, as a diary, as a private, poetic record of emerging consciousness...There is an inclusive, almost utopian spirit lurking amid the murk and sorrow of 'Tarnation,' a celebration of the idea that while nobody has ever made a movie like it, anybody could."-The New York Times

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