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Post Production Services

Karmic Release's Post Production services are unique because they were born out of our days as a "run-and-gun" documentary producer. From the dufflebags of tape smuggled out of Andrew's Air Force Base to assembling dailies in the hills surrounding the temples of Dharamshala, our post production team knows what it's like to work outside of a traditional system. That's why every chance they get to sit down with a fully functional outlet and a cup of tea is a treat. Built on the idea that with a laptop and a few terabytes of external memory, you can change the world, our post production system cuts 21st century editing down to the bare bones of the digital age.  Our editors are based across the country, creating a cyber edit center accesible from anywhere in the world, but with hubs throughout the United States. With our editors based across the U.S. you're never too far from a Karmic Collaborator. This roving edit bay allows you to work with your editor in person without needing to make the trek to New York or Los Angeles if there's a Karmic Collaborator closer to you. Our ability to spread the team allows our clients more accessiblity, a wider range of experiences to draw from when choosing a post production supervisor, and a great savings. 

Our Post Production Services are as varied as our client base. 

  • Sound and color correction.

  • Media management.

  • Transcription.

  • Rights and Clearances.

  • Editing for projects of any length.


For more information on pricing and the service that's right for the final moments of your project's infancy please contact us at

Taylor A. Purdee edits on location in London's Smokehouse Music Studios. 

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