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Wallowitch & Ross: This Moment

Wallowitch & Ross-This Moment Poster osc

Wallowitch & Ross: This Moment


Recently preserved in the Academy of Motion Pictures film archive, "This Moment," is a timeless portrait of partners on stage and in life.  This documentary celebrates the lives of modern dance icon Bertram Ross, and legendary cabaret composer, John Wallowitch.  Independent Feature. 


Directed by Richard Morris.   1999



"An exceptionally tender portrait...A throwback to the era of Gershwin, Berlin and Porter."



"As much a story of true love as it is a true showbiz story." "Hilarious...Outrageous...Sublime!"

-The New York Times


"If you have an ear for sophisticated song styling and the thought of cabaret sets your heart aflutter, you probably wouldn't dream of missing it."

-TV Guide


"This Documentary is what New Yorker Magazine used to be."

-The Morning Call

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