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This is Honduras

In 2009, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, was removed from power in the first Central American Coup in over 25 years. By 2011, San Pedro Sula, Honduras had become, “the murder capital of the world”. Woven together through exclusive interviews with the deposed and future presidents, as well as verite life along side aid workers and everyday citizens. Purdee's directorial debut carries us across Honduras to tell the story of these people dedicated to a place the rest of the world has forsaken.


Directed by Taylor A. Purdee. 2016





Early praise for

This is Honduras:


“I loved "This is Honduras". It introduced me to a country I had never thought about but now is so real to me and the children so dear.” - Sandy Harmon, best selling author


“A very important film, a fresh look at a crumbling country."- Lee Grant, Academy Award Winner


“Engrossing, informative, tugs at your heart.”- Allen Roskoff, political activist

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