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"Lee Grant has always been one heck of an actress; Battered confirms that she is one heck of a filmmaker too...Grant...Persuades victims and victimizers to open up with amazing candor, and her handling of them is never lurid or sensational ...Investigates its subject thoroughly, vividly and movingly.

.-People Magazine

"What could be more powerful than the opening interview...Excellent show...Often raw and blunt, 'Battered' is not pretty TV. But it does make its points and is a strong addition to the swelling chorus calling for reform of an unresponsive system."

-The LA Times



Lee Grant's acclaimed 1989 investigation of domestic violence in American Homes. Battered is the powerful, if harrowing portrait of a life lived in constant fear of the people closest to you. Intimate interviews with the victims and children of the cycle are combined with the eye opening and heart breaking stories of the abusers themselves to take you deeper into every facet of these American lives.


Directed by Lee Grant. 1989

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