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Praying with Lior

Praying with Lior (Co-Producer) This film challenges our most commonly held beliefs about who speaks to God, following Lior Leibling, a thirteen-year-old boy with Down Syndrome in the months leading to his Bar Mitzvah. Independent Feature. 


Directed by Ilana Trachtman.  2004

“Amid an escalating U.S. trend toward commercial entertainment that earnestly or exploitatively taps religious demographics, ‘Praying With Lior’ explores a rather extraordinary instance of real-world faith, sans condescension or proselytizing…What makes this [fascinating documentary] involving beyond its subject’s slightly freakish fascination, is helmer Ilana Trachtman’s capturing of a complex family dynamic in which Lior isn’t the only intriguing personality…These people are so interesting, and Trachtman’s handling so intimate and involving, that it would be very welcome if she revisited the family every so often, “Up”-style. Zelda Greenstein’s deft editing and Andy Statman’s klezmer-influenced acoustic score are package standouts...a crowd-pleasing delight.” -Variety

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