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Walk Away Renee

Director Jonathan Caouette's follow up film to the cult behemoth "Tarnation." A look at the adulthood of the boy we knew in "Tarnation" and the unyeilding devotion he still feels for a woman everyone else has long since given up on. An incredible follow up to his debut feature, with "Walk Away Renee" Caouette enters firmly into his own, both as the filmmaker, and the struggling young man of these films.(Producing Consultant)


Director Jonathan Caouette. 2010.

"Less a sequel than an extension of Jonathan Caouette's brilliant 'Tarnation'...disarming, unguarded...affecting."

-The Hollywood Reporter.


"The distinctive qualities of "Walk Away Renée" indicate Caouette's creative juices still flow as strong as ever...'Renée' indicates that, coupled with Caouette's bizarre recent narrative short "All Flowers in Time," it's apparent that he has grown into a tantalizing filmmaker with a unique vision that might be best described as nightmarish whimsy. Caouette maps out his feelings in extraordinary visual terms."

-Indiewire: Cannes



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