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A Father...A Son...One Upon a Time in Hollywood

A Father… A Son… Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (Co-Producer) Kirk and Michael Douglas share their family archives allowing us a look at their personal and public lives, through the complex layers of Hollywood.  HBO. 


Directed by Lee Grant. 2005


"The rich legacy of cinema legend Kirk Douglas is explored in Academy Award-winning actress and documentary-filmmaker Lee Grant's illuminating look at the personal side of a Hollywood royalty... the definitive look at both the public and private lives of the father and son who made Hollywood history."

-The New York Times



“Well into his 80s, with speech slurred by a stroke, Kirk Douglas remains a magnetic onscreen presence as he and son Michael reminisce about their lives and careers in this simple yet highly entertaining HBO docu…The elder Douglas suggests the family’s story is a microcosm of America, one that reflects “the tragedy of failure, and the tragedy of success.” Director Lee Grant effectively reinforces certain recollections by cross-cutting between two different storytellers — having Kirk and his sons, say, provide their respective memories of the same event. Through it all, Kirk’s enduring lust for life, pardon the expression, proves ennobling and inspiring. In that respect, his observation about the quintessential Americana in this father-son Hollywood tale sums up the documentary itself.”


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