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Original Writings

It can feel impossible to find the perfect audition piece. And sometimes, that may just be because it hasn't been written yet. Karmic Release is very excited to announce the oiginal writings portion of "Nathan's Initiative." Whether it's a new monologue, or complete scenes for you and your team, we'll be sure it's your voice that takes center stage. 


Our writers are graduates of some of the most prestigious theatre and film programs in the country and they know that the only way the truly showcase your voice, is to hear it themselves. That's what makes "Nathan's Initiative" so special. In addition to original material tailored just for you, everything written is based on a series of consultations you'll have with our writers. Whether over the phone, internet, or in person, we'll all get to know one another before the first word is written, guaranteeing the most personal, and detailed scripts possible. 


From audition monologues to group scenes we'll work to bring the best you into the audition room. In addition we also offer edits of "Classical" pieces and have a variety of published works on hand for those more specific auditions. Email for pricing and to set up an initial consultation. 

Screenshot of "The Playwright" from Karmic's upcoming "Drowning" music video.

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