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Pride 2017

In celebration of Pride 2017 we're putting the spotlight on our LGBTQ stories from across the years. From the "Yippie Ki-Ay! Do Cinema" episode with indie-theatre icon Charles Busch, to the acclaimed documentaries, and even a bit of rare music from cabaret legend John Wallowitch, there's a little something from across the decades of American LGBTQ culture. And everything's on sale!

The first interview of the Yippie Ki-Ay! Do Cinema podcast pairs Tony-nomiated playwright and female impersonator Charles Busch with up-and-coming playwright/performer Sean Patrick Monahan. 


There's camp theatre, great ladies, old movies, a run in with Angela Lansbury and more than a few Divas. So come on, it'll make ya remember the good ol' days.

Shortlisted for the 1999 Academy Award for Best Documentary feature, "Wallowitch & Ross: This Moment" tells the story of John Wallowitch and Bertram Ross.


Partners onstage and off Wallowitch was a legend of New York City cabaret, Ross was Martha Graham's dance partner for 20 years. Together they form the unforgettable duo "Wallowitch and Ross."

Recently preserved in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences archive, this new edition features 90 minutes of additional songs and special features

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In this episode of the Yippie Ki-Ay! Do Cinema, hosts Taylor A. Purdee and John Donchak spend an afternoon with Oscar winning actor/director, and occasional gay icon, Lee Grant. Paired with burgeoning star Olivia Macklin, we talk Warren Beatty, Paolo Sorrentino, "Valley of the Dolls", B-movies, the Hollywood Blacklist, and life as a woman in film.

From Oscar Winner Lee Grant, "What Sex Am I?"  follows a group of Transgender individuals struggling to make their way in every strata of 1980s America.


From finding employment to finding acceptance, the first question the world forces them to ask is always, "What Sex Am I?" 

In a time of trends and hashtags, its easy to forget how many battles were fought before these issues hit the mainstream.

This Special Anniversary Edition includes an all new interview with Grant herself, 30 years after the documentary's original release.

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Music from the Motion Picture. The sonic memories of LGBT New York a generation ago. 


Complete album only 6$ until the end of the month!

One of the final recordings Wallowitch ever made, this album with long time collaborator Sue Gandy, covers both favorites of the American Songbook, as well as Wallowitch's own compositions.

Complete album only 6$ until the end of the month!

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