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Founded in 1992 by award winning actor Nathan Purdee, Karmic Release is dedicated to uncovering and showcasing new talent. The reel is an essential part of an actor's arsenal in our age of personal websites and instagram followers, but one that isn't all that easy to come by. Karmic Release provides you with any and all stages of reel production necessary. From cutting together your footage, to staging and shooting new scenes you think best showcase your greatest strengths, Karmic Release can be with you every step of the way.

Then again, we all need reels. Cinematographers, directors and writers, collaborate with us. Whether you need your works cut together or you finally want to shoot the first five minutes of that screen play, we'll be there through it all. 



We are now proud to offer our "Ultimate Reel" package. A system designed for those who feel that their work thus far has not allowed them to showcase the truest, or most deeply interesting, elements of themselves. Karmic Release now offers you the chance to create the most exciting and intoxicating set of scenes possible around your own, unique voice. Whether you're inspired by the classic roles you haven't yet gotten the opportunity to play, or want something utterly unique, the Karmic Release team will work with you to write the reel that's perfect for you, and then bring it to life. 


The basic reel package. Thespis gives you two, one minute scenes written espiecially for you. Four hours of shoot time, an on set hair and makeup artist, and a complete run through our post production lab. Option for personalized b-roll and basic SFX.


The Karmic Slate

Given our history as a Documentary company, Karmic Release has a unique take on the "personality reel." Rather than a thirty second interview or anecdote, Karmic Release wants to get a sense of who you are beneath the talent. We'll work with you to capture the "day in the life" that you feel most represents the artist behind your characters. Perfect for website home pages, long form slates, agent meetings, corporate profiles and reality show auditions. 



We know how difficult it can be to afford all the pieces of the next step of your career. From new headshots, wardrobe, and seminars, to remaking your reel. Karmic Release takes great pride in being able to offer flexible and affordable production rates. From our varied packages tailored to your own needs, to a policy of one on one payment negotiation, Karmic Release does what it takes to make your next step an affordable one.


We'll work with you to find the combination of services that's best for you and your pocket book. All packages listed below are examples of possible combinations, but you should feel free to mix and match until you find the service that's perfect just for you.


We've been there ourselves and we'll work with you to negotiate whatever you need. But more than that, Karmic Release is unique as the only company to offer Reel Financing. A pay as you go service that allows you to start shopping your new reel around as you pay it off. Karmic Release will be there for you every step of the way. 



There are classic roles that every actor has wanted to play, but hasn't yet gotten the chance. The Hecuba package allows you to choose (or work with us to find and/or adapt) two, one to two minute scenes from classic world literature, and bring them to life in the way that only you could. 4 hours of shoot time, an on set hair and makeup artist, and a complete run through our post production lab. 


Speak the Speech

Sometimes all you need is a monolgue. Speak the Speech allows you a 1-2 minute monologue fully lit, shot with a variety of angles and camera movements. Gone are the days of one shot, one take, close up speeches. This package gives you every production element necessary to support your vision of the moment. An hour of shoot time, personalized direction, post-production, an option for on site hair and makeup, and to have a monolgue created especially for you.



Karmic Release takes great pride in being able to provide you with the specific needs of your own, unique, career path. These four packages represent the most commonly used combination of our services, but you should feel free to mix and match in whichever ways you see fit.

1 Camera Shoot-$20/Hr               Original Script-$35/Page            

2 Camera Shoot-$35/Hr               Hair/Makeup-$15/Hr

Director-$25/Hr                               Production Coordinator-$23/Hr

Editor-$23/Hr                                   Production Assistant-$12/hr

Prices may vary slightly from production to production. Please ask about our option to have an on set acting coach and original musical compositions. You have the option of a supporting actor to play the scenes with you for an additional $20/hr. We also offer discounts for pairs of performers who wish to make their reels together. We're here to make the next steps towards your dream career a reality, feel free to ask about our Karmic Discounts and financing options.  

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