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        & the Comeback Kids

When Killian comes home for a few week after college graduation he only plans to visit his small town for a few weeks before heading off on a modest musical tour with his folk-rock duo. When the other half of the band pulls out Killian finds himself stuck in the ailing rural town. 

A chance encounter gives the summer new direction when Killian decides to turn the other "failed" local kids into a band for a chance to play a massive annual concert on the outskirts of town. 

A little folk-rock musical set at the cross section of small town America and a youth culture just beginning to find its own voice.


Killian & the Comeback Kids centers on a mixed race family and rocks through the freshly American experience of elongated adolescence, crossed cultures, and the unseen side effects of a nation bent towards progress.

A New Folk-Rock Film


Taylor A. Purdee (Gotham, Iron Fist)

John Donchak (The Tick) 

Nathan Purdee (One Life To Live, The Young and the Restless, The Return of Superfly)

Kassie DePaiva (One Life to Live, Days of Our Lives, Evil Dead II) 

Shane Andries (Blue Man Group, Tomorrow Ever After.) 

Shannon O'Boyle (Kinky Boots B'Way, Once B'way)

Written & Directed by Taylor A. Purdee

Original Music by The Cumberland Kids

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The Many Adventures of the Jonathans Higgin

A few weeks ago Jonathan Higgin saw a pretty girl reading his favorite book under a tree in Central Park. By the end of today he's finally going to tell her. In this summer-time reimaging of the short films of 1960's Paris, Jonathan has to contend with the ever deepening romanticization of his life, and the outside world's shifting perceptions of him.

Written & Directed by Taylor A. Purdee

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