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Hey there. If you're reading this you've managed to scavenge rather deep into the think piece corners of the internet. Congrats. But here at Karmic Release we've always tried to bring you the stories no one else would tell, from voices you couldn't find elsewhere, and this is no different.


This series hopes to highlight works for everyone, from the most die hard lovers of pop culture to the newest wave of art house visionaries. On new releases and forgotten classics we're going to do our best to give you the points of view less likely to be bouncing around your social media feed. And we're always going to try to make them fun.


But we’re interested in more than cinephilic thought. Got a photo series you want showcased? We got you. Writing some free verse, sounds dope. You’ve come up with some insane acrylic watercolor combo, that’s really pretty wild and we’d love to know why and how.


If we sound like you’re kinda people and you’d like to come be one of us, we’re ALL ABOUT accepting new works.


Like so many young sites, we unfortunately can’t offer any cash for your hard won creatings, but, unlike so many other sites, there aren’t a lot of rules. We’re not too controlling when it comes to format, tone, style, whether you’ve published this (or anything) before, or if you wrote it for your intro to Film Theory seminar in 1986, if it’s cool and smart and you, we’re pretty down with it. 


That’s kind of the whole philosophy of the Yippie Ki-Ay! Something from every corner of the culture, high, low, sideways, pop, or forgotten, it all comes to play in the movies. (it’s all got a place in)


And in addition to all that, every post will be paired with it's audio-article counterpart, often read by the author themselves. So if you’re thinking about building up that Voice-Over reel we got you there too. That said, if building up a voice over reel sounds like exactly what you were trying to avoid when you started writing, it’s all good, we’ve a bunch of clever and melodious young actors bouncing around for just that reason. 


So whether you’re feeling a take down of post-modern blaxploitation, want to showcase you’re latest photo series, or find a home for that secret novella, we might be perfect for each other. We certainly hope we are.

Hit us up at Write "Submission" in the subject line and we'll take peak.

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