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Yippie Ki-Ay! (Does Fall)

Settle in for the Holiday weekend, and the rest of the autumn with Yippie Ki-Ay (Does Fall). The first in a series of curated playlists from the disparate and eclectic writers here at the Yippie Ki-Ay! Do Cinema.

A pretty solid example of what's been playing while we work to bring you all the best bits of high culture, pop culture, and all the in betweens. From Yves Montand's immortal rendering of Le Feuilles Mort, the Jacques Prévert poem, through all kinds of folk-rock, Parisian neo-disco, the latest brooklyn indie rockers and LA songsters, straight through to Nat King Cole's own take on Prevert, the timeless "Autumn Leaves."

A few classics, a lot of newbies, some voices you may have heard on the Podcast or one of our films, or only read about right here. Pay special attention to Myrna Loy, an odd track named for an odd movie star we may have all forgotten. Keep an eye out for some translations of Prévert's poetry never before in english right here in a few weeks too. Whether you're throwing things in the oven or raking up the driveway, we've got just the sound for the moment.

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