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The Bridge of Khazad-dûm: A Poem

Fly, you fools

fly until the chalk-scarred stones of a dry mountainscape scrape your under-foot and numb your tears for

the man with the staff

who stood then fell

for it is better to persist on rugged coals and weep in the dying sunrays through the pines than to drop as dead weight with a demon into a chasm whose guardian has no clue where or if it ends

so fly, fly while there is still a flare in

the sky, for the man with

the staff still falls and still will even when you fall with him

Tyler Thier lives on Long Island, NY, where he will soon be graduating with his MFA degree in creative writing. He is also a published poet, writing tutor, lover of the NYC film scene, and frequent binge-watcher of film reviews.

Taylor A. Purdee (Narration) is an actor, writer, filmmaker, folk singer, and editor of the Yippie Ki-Ay! Do Cinema. You can hang out with him here, and over here too.

The Cumberland Kids (Music) play folk-rock, generally in little glades or subway stations, occasionally in the movies.

Header Photo by soomness

The Yippie Ki-Ay is made possible by support from viewers like you. Keep on hanging out on Twitter, FB, and with the pictures.

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